We will sit down with your family and get to know you.  Building a home is a big process, and it is extremely important that we are comfortable with one another throughout.  We want to see your family dynamics and get to know your personalities and design styles.  These details are crucial as we move forward to ensure your family’s heart runs throughout the house. We will meet at our home design studio, Antiquity, in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Antiquity is our design service and  is a space designed and decorated like a home. We promise that you will instantly be inspired and the nerves will begin to fade away as we work together to design your family dream home.


Now that we have gotten to know one another and have begun to get a feel for everything you are wanting, comes the fun part. Designing your home! We can start from scratch or we have a lot of pre designed homes to start from.  Our HOME DESIGNS page on the site has a handful of house layouts to begin with. From there, we can alter plans to fit your needs and styles. Once we get the house plans drawn up, we can create a 3D mock-up that will help you see your future home.  We will use this model in later steps as well to help you visualize paint colors, cabinet styles, and other design elements.  This is one feature that few other contractors have, and we have found families absolutely love the ability to see how everything will look way before its even built!


This is a very exciting time. Foundation is poured, walls are frames, roof installed, and before you know it, your house is taking real shape. You will remember these days for the rest of your life. One of our clients said “I remember as a kid, my family had a home designed and built. I still remember to this day running around the construction site with my sister as the walls were being framed, picturing which room was mine and where my bed would go. Now, I am excited to have these same memories with my own kids.”  We want to make this process smooth and stress free for you so that you can really enjoy the moments with your family.


While the house is being built and begins to resemble your future home, there are still a lot of choices to be made to help bring The whole project together. These details are what take a house and turn it into your HOME.  This is the step that separates us from others. We not only tell you what decisions need to be made, but we will walk you through all of them step by step. Lisa is an interior designer and was a finalist nominated by clients as Acadiana’s best interior designer.  Lisa will go with you to stores and even give professional advise on which light fixtures, counter tops, wall colors, and any other details will highlight the space and your family best.  This stage can be overwhelming when thinking about making all the selections for your home, but Lisa is extremely gifted at helping take away that stress and will not only.get you through it, but will actually allow you to enjoy this part.  Having access to Antiquity Interior Design, Lisa can walk through drape selections, new furniture, rugs, bedding, literally anything you might need to add to your new home. Rest easy knowing you are not doing any of this alone.