Lisa McDaniel

Designer/Co-owner of C.Mac Construction and Antiquity

Lisa was born and raised in a small town on the outskirts of Baton Rouge. She moved to Acadiana to attend college and immediately fell in love with the unique culture that abounds here.  It was this rich and contagious joie de vie that seeped into her soul and never left.  
After college, Lisa set her sights on a career in corporate Accounting. But as life sometimes goes, the professional pairing wasn’t a perfect fit. Regardless of the dedication and hard work she extended, Lisa continuously felt as though something wasn’t right, as though something pivotal was missing in her life.
And then she met Beau. Within three weeks of their meeting, Beau had proposed and decided to move to Louisiana with Lisa. Together, they discovered what each of them had been missing—each other.
These days Beau and Lisa are co-owners of C.Mac Construction. Through individualized collaboration with clients, Lisa helps design houses specific to the form and function of each particular family. Her mission is inspiring families to use creativity and originality when bringing to life the spaces they will soon call home.
A new design studio/storefront sits at the entrance to downtown Breaux Bridge. Its cheerful pink exterior and black and white striped awning welcome visitors to the historical district. Alive and vibrant with energy, it functions as joint offices for C.Mac Construction and Antiquity. Beau and Lisa hope the little building at 115 Rees Street will inspire clients, local visitors, tourists, and online shoppers to decorate their homes with the twist of creative flair that is so completely unique to South Louisiana.
Beau and Lisa’s favorite saying is, “we work better together than we ever could alone.”  It is their heartfelt wish that you’ll feel the same way about working with them as together you create the home of your life story.

Beau McDaniel

Builder/Co-owner of C.Mac Construction and Antiquity

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Beau feels honored and proud to have been adopted by the Acadiana community he so dearly loves. He’s often heard saying that even though he’s originally from Tennessee, he’s now a Cajun through and through, and he can’t imagine living anyplace else. (Although he does wish someone…anyone…could teach him to fish a little more like a Cajun!)
Beau’s higher education spans the miles between The University of Memphis and LSU. Many of his collegiate years were spent switching from one major to the next, searching for the career to tame his mustang spirit.  He still speaks to his children about the day he landed in his first Construction Management class, because that was the day he discovered his calling. He encourages his wife and kids to be brave and fearless and to take chances on themselves. Beau warns it’s the “not trying” they should be wary of. He swears the end result is worth every ounce of sweat it takes to chase down one’s dream.
Beau is both the man and the builder he is today because of his commitments to family life, old-school quality, and solid standards of construction. He is constantly educating himself on two important philosophies—the methods of construction derived from “old-time builders” and the ever evolving standards of modern construction. He believes the key to being the best builder he can be lies in mastery of the relationship between the two concepts.
Beau loves collaborating with his wife Lisa because of her insatiable passion for quintessential Louisiana architecture. She inspires him to build houses styled to look and feel old, while still incorporating an air of freshness through modern, artistic elements. Beau appreciates the values of hard work and integrity which come from working with his hands. He’s an old soul who considers himself blessed to build new houses.