Without my even realizing it, the shabby shop on Rees Street assumed a life of her own. The ole dame is no longer a raggedy, run-down building, but rather she is now a snazzy little number, and she’s dressed to take the world by storm.

A couple of weeks ago I slid my brand new key in the brass keyhole of our freshly painted black door. As I crossed the threshold, looking around at the fabrics and furniture and piles of boxes littering the floor, the most unexpected emotion washed over me. The only way to describe it is to say that I felt the spirit of 115 Rees Street metaphorically thanking me, embracing me in the snuggest of hugs. I stood there, absorbing the synergy rebounding between us in that moment, and it suddenly dawned on me that I’d been given an amazing gift, one nothing short of divine.  I’d been given an opportunity to experience not just one of my dreams, but a few of them.

That same evening Beau and I worked late hanging curtain rods for drapery displays.  He stood on the ladder and I sat on the floor, puddling fabric. My sweet husband looked down at me and said, “Lee, I love being with you in this shop. I’m happy when we’re here. It feels like our place, doesn’t it?” Smiling, I looked up at him. I knew exactly what he meant. The old dame with the new facelift had worked her hoodoo voodoo on him, as well!

This place has an energy I just can’t explain.  It’s magnetic. And at the end of the day, I’d dare to say it was the building who chose us, not us who chose the building.

I was suddenly grateful for all the nights spent working into the wee hours of the morning.  All at once the countless hours spent planning, stressing, and hoping we were making right decisions seemed to have been worth the sacrifice. It was truly rather wonderful, realizing we’d had the opportunity to do something bold, and we’d seized it.

And to date the payoffs have been many. Beau and I are now able to check an item off our bucket list. We have preserved and renovated a historic building in the hometown we adore. (Yay!!!!)  We’ve fashioned a creative space filled with designs we love—the items that inspire us, the ones that make us feel warm and fuzzy. And the best part? We’re not even close to being finished dressing this place up yet!  There are boxes and boxes of shiny, sparkly, impressive details still packed upstairs.  And some super-fabulous furniture pieces are still yet to arrive!

115 Rees Street—the little building with the classical name, Antiquity. This is our happy place. Our design studio. The spirit of this building is our creative muse. And we can’t wait to share her with you in late October 2016.

Let’s chat again soon!


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