The House Whisperer

This project was an unfamiliar experience for a number of reasons. First, it was a hardcore renovation, a switch from the shiney new construction we’re typically asked to build. And perhaps even more unusually, it was a project jointly undertaken with friends. We loved both of these new notions--fun all the way around. But after [...]

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Bold Colors. Make it POP.   Ever bought an accessory or piece of furniture that blended perfectly with your room’s color palette, only to find it bland and boring once you got it home? Or better still, have you ever felt dissatisfied after choosing a neutral color instead of a fun one, because you were [...]

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How to Choose A Wall Color

I'm not entirely certain when or how it happened, but color is one of my emotional sweet spots. The right wall color evokes strong reactions from me.  I see a bright yellow flower, and I'm immediately happy.  Scarlet lipstick conjures mental images of my beautiful mother and her feminine stilettos.  A soft blue sky soothes [...]

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Our Season Of Thankfulness: The Louisiana Flood

Our Season of Thankfulness came a little early this year.  It was unexpected, uninvited, and veiled in unlikely disguise. Beau and I discovered the most profound reason for gratitude in the wake of muddy Louisiana flood. Community. Ours is remarkable, more like one big family.  And regardless of how historians will one day recount the [...]

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Happiness is the best facelift.

  Without my even realizing it, the shabby shop on Rees Street assumed a life of her own. The ole dame is no longer a raggedy, run-down building, but rather she is now a snazzy little number, and she’s dressed to take the world by storm. A couple of weeks ago I slid my brand [...]

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“Lee,” he called from the living room, “I just found a building for sale in downtown Breaux Bridge!” “Oh?” Distracted with my internet search, I wasn’t paying much attention. (Don’t judge, I was shopping for shoes!) “No, Lee…you gotta see this.” Beau came over and laid his laptop on the table in front of me.  [...]

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